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Wedding Trends 2017 – Part 4 – The Dress

With over 30 years’ experience in hosting weddings, here at Grittleton House we’d like to believe that we’re rather well educated in the world of weddings. In our latest wedding trends series, we’ve brought you the most coveted wedding themes, wedding colour schemes, wedding stationery, wedding photography and wedding cake styles for 2017. Each of these individual aspects is an important part of your wedding planning, combining to create crucial elements of your wedding day, however, thus far we’ve left out arguably the pinnacle of wedding planning for any bride to be. That is, of course, the wedding dress. Your wedding dress is supposed to be your dream dress, something which makes you look and feel like a princess, and a gorgeous dress which is certainly designed to make a statement and turn heads as you walk down the aisle. Of course, your wedding dress will be absolutely perfect regardless of which dress you choose, because it will be your dream dress and you will look phenomenal. Having said that, there’s no harm in browsing the latest trends for some inspiration. Without further ado, here’s some of the most popular wedding dress trends for this year.

Simple Silhouettes

A wedding dress trend which has grown exponentially in popularity over the past few seasons is the return to the simple silhouette. Classic dress which falls straight down your body in a classic line, as opposed to the more opulent fishtail finishes or net skirts which add volume and glamour to any wedding dress. In a similar style to Pippa Middleton’s famous bridesmaid dress at the Royal Wedding, these simple silhouette dresses are often in a satin or silk material to accentuate the smooth and sleek style. This look is incredibly sophisticated and classy, creating a truly beautiful finish every time.

Sheer Detailing

From one Middleton to another, it’s undeniable that Kate Middleton herself looked truly gorgeous at the royal wedding, and since then, opting for a dress with sheer detailing has only become more and more fashionable. Whether that’s a sheer lace around the neck and sleeves of your wedding dress, or perhaps some pretty sheer panelling towards the back to accentuate your curves, opting for a touch of contrasting sheer materials is undeniably trendy for wedding dresses at the moment.

Cropped Lengths

The tea dress style has become phenomenally popular within the world of fashion, and unsurprisingly this unique length of dress has also lent itself to the wedding industry quite nicely. In a style which is reminiscent of a more vintage look, a wedding dress with a tea dress length which falls around the calf level will offer you a gorgeous, classic and unique wedding dress that will photograph perfectly.

Separate Pieces

Opting for separate pieces for your wedding dress or outfit is a true nod to high fashion, allowing you to experiment and create a look which wouldn’t look out of place on a catwalk. Whether you’re opting for a stunning white suit or a separate bodice and skirt – choosing separates allows you to create a completely individual look with versatile items you could possibly wear again. It also ensures a unique style that will be comfortable and oh so fashionable on the best day of your life. This is a particularly great idea for any brides who might not be as partial to a more traditional white dress.

The beauty of a wedding dress is that it is supposed to perfectly reflect you and your individual style, which means you simply can’t get it wrong. Regardless of your wedding theme, style or design, Grittleton House would be honoured to welcome you and your wedding party to our gorgeous grounds and we would love to help you plan the perfect wedding for yourself and your partner.

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