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Wedding Trends 2017 – Part 3 – The Cake & Photography

In our previous Grittleton House 2017 wedding trends articles, we’ve highlighted some of the top trends when it comes to wedding stationery, wedding colours and themes and wedding styles for this year. This time, we’re giving you the lowdown on all the most sophisticated, classy and remarkable wedding trends for some of the most exciting elements of any wedding; the cake and the photography. Wedding photography is arguably one of the most vital elements of your wedding planning, because your photographer will capture your magical day and create the wedding album that you will look back on for the rest of your life. As such, you need to choose someone who can achieve your desired photography style. Similarly, wedding cake is an important part of your day. Not only is it a delicious part of the day that everyone will enjoy, but the act of cutting the cake is a ritual which has been a part of the history of weddings for an incredibly long time. With that said – let’s take a look at what’s growing in popularity within the world of weddings this season

2017 Wedding Cake Trends

Alternative Cakes

Let’s face it – all wedding cake is incredibly delicious. Whilst it’s supposed to be a delicious cake with your desired flavour, it’s actually more alternative cakes which have grown in popularity. For example, opting for a stack of cupcakes with different flavours is something which swept the world of Pinterest by storm and has consequently become incredibly popular. Also, opting for a dessert table filled with goodies like doughnuts has also become popular. Essentially, choosing a different type of sweet treat which comes in individual portion sizes is a trend for this season. Not only does it make for a wonderful photo for the wedding album, but it offers something incredibly quirky and fun for guests, it’s easy to nibble whilst dancing and also heightens the atmosphere.

Naked Cakes

If you’d prefer to stick to a classic cake rather than doughnuts or cupcakes, opting for a naked cake seems to be the preference of many couples this year. A naked cake is a cake which is relatively plainly decorated. Staying away from dramatic icing and handiwork, a naked cake tends to be a cake simply dusted with icing sugar and decorated with fruit or flowers. The concept being that less is more, naked wedding cakes are actually exceptionally beautiful, unique and photogenic – plus they taste pretty good too!

Photography Trends

Different Perspectives

As technology develops in the world of photography, so do the different techniques and methods which work their way into wedding photography. Something which has grown to become exceptionally popular in the world of weddings is a play on perspectives. From birds eye views, to different angles and phenomenal locations, unique perspectives are everything. Whether your photographer is using a drone, a tripod or some clever positioning, shots from above managing to squeeze in the entire wedding party are sentimental and will gather the entire group together. Also the more unique perspectives which play on lights, different materials and textures and capture truly magical moments offer something really special in terms of wedding photography. Finding a photographer who can offer these stunning different photography styles is important to nail this trend, so make sure you do your research!

Modern Media

Modern media has managed to seep its way into every industry – especially weddings! Photo booths which offer alternative types of media from slow mo videos to gifs or themed images are incredibly popular. These will create a bank of images or media of your guests in a host of fun poses that will truly capture the atmosphere of your special day. Another huge trend for 2017 has been the rise of the custom Snapchat filter. Snapchat is an incredibly popular app, and with the functionality to submit a custom filter design, couples up and down the country have been snapping away with their personalised filters. It’s also totally trendy for photographers or videographers to offer Instagram sized footage allowing you to share snippets of your special day on your favourite app.

Regardless of whether you’re opting for a more traditional wedding or choosing to weave some more modern elements throughout your planning, rest assured that your wedding day will undeniably be simply stunning and all of your guests will have a spectacular time. Contact Grittleton House for more information on our flexible wedding packages, tailored specifically for your special day.

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