Grittleton House

Welcome to our family

Grittleton House is family owned and run.  My grandmother and father made the bold decision to move to Grittleton in 1967.  At the time the house was slightly unkempt, but they saw its charm and potential and over the years brought it back to life.

Family is very important to us, five generations have had the pleasure of enjoying its magnificence, living, playing and working both in the house and on the estate.  Under the watchful eye of my father and with the support of my wife, three children and trusted dog Juno, we are delighted to be taking the house into its exciting next phase, (even if the Peter Pan in me would, at times, love to be ten again and sliding down the banisters, making dens and climbing trees!).

I’m often asked what makes Grittleton House different and special?  Of course its style and grandeur play a large part, but it is also quite simply family!  We love the house and know it inside and out, and we love sharing it.  Flexibility is also key, we are always thrilled when couples come up with new ideas we haven’t thought of before.

What’s my best piece of advice (I had some help on this one!)?  Plan in advance & delegate, if someone offers help – accept it.  Once the day finally arrives relax and enjoy and go with the flow, who knows where it will take you.

I hope this has given you a small insight into our family and we look forward to welcoming you soon.

Best Wishes

Matthew Shipp


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