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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Invitations

You’ve done the bended knee, there was a resounding yes! The date is fixed, everyone’s excited… yourselves more than anyone. Yet you’ve realised that now you have to send out the invites and you’re not sure where to begin!

Wedding invitations are probably a little more crucial than you’ve initially envisaged. They’re the sneak peek into the style of your big day – otherwise known as the preview, so getting it right is a priority. But with a plate full of ideas and lists swirly around your heads, we thought we’d take the hard work out of this stage in the game. So let’s get started and find out exactly what it is that you’ll need to know when planning the perfect wedding invitation.

Wedding Invitation Styling

Wedding invitations are the initial glimpse concerning the style of your big day. They will indicate to your guests whether you’re having a formal affair, or something a little more removed form the norm – Whichever your choice of wedding day styling, traditionally, your invites will need to portray this to your guests. To gain some ideas, look through stationers’ websites, have a look through Pinterest & don’t forget to browse through previous invitations you’ve received from other couples. Once you’ve gathered inspiration and made some style notes, either book your appointment with the stationer or start getting crafty and creative yourselves!

Colour Themes

Generally speaking, if you’re staying true to classic wedding etiquette, not only should your wedding invitations radiate the style of your big day, the colour theme will also come into the scheme of things. If you’ve already planned the colour of your bridesmaid’s dresses & flowers, they can be integrated into the invites. Envelope liners, images and borders are the ideal addition to exhibit the hint of colour you’ll be having on the day but try to avoid overpowering at this stage in case you decide to change your mind. Of course, on the other hand, if you’ve currently no idea of your colour schemes then always remain neutral. White or ivory invites are always a safe bet and will leave the colour pallet open for future development.

Wedding Invitation Wording

First, off the starting block with wedding invitation wording has to be a word of warning. Whatever you do, avoid cramming them full of useless information. They really do need to be neat and to the point. If it’s proving to be difficult and you wish to include other information, such as directions, for example, don’t hesitate to add an enclosure card. Concerning the etiquette of wording a wedding invitation, the rule of thumb will be the hosts, ie, parents, will always be first on the invite. It should begin with the parents of the bride and follow on with the parents of the groom. Finally, ensure that all wording is fully legible and ensure you proofread and see a copy of all invitations before they’re printed.

Weights & Measures

Now you’ve chosen your design you’ll need to make sure that the shape of your invitation fits into a standard sized envelope otherwise you’ll be running additional expenses before you’ve even set foot into the bridal boutique! It’s a question you can bring up with your stationer who should be able to recommend different shapes & sizes to fit the wedding invitation style you require. Yet to add, he will also be able to give you an idea about the weight of the invite. The more that you cram into that envelope, the more it’s going to cost in postage stamps.

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