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July 17, 2017

Wedding Trends 2017 Part 2 - Wedding Stationery

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One of the most creative elements of your wedding planning will undeniably be your stationery. Wedding stationery may initially seem like a more minor aspect of your wedding plans compared to the wedding dress and the venue, however, it’s actually one of the first things that you think about. From the save the date cards to the wedding invitations, place names and the table plan to all the other little elements of stationery required for the big day, choosing a stationery style which both you and your partner simply adore is a pretty essential part of preparation for your wedding. Much like any other element of the wedding world, stationery trends come and go with each season. Though of course, choosing a stationery theme and style which you love is the most important element of your choice, it certainly doesn’t hurt to take inspiration from the latest stationery trends to take the wedding world by storm. Here’s a run through of 2017’s most popular wedding stationery styles.

Stand Out Stationery

A huge trend that’s emerged this year is to make your stationery as stand-out as possible. That means placing a lot of emphasis on the importance of your wedding stationery, and choosing something that is guaranteed to set your wedding apart from the rest. From opting for unique materials such as glass or wood to carve your place names into, or engraving mirrors with table orders, choosing stationery which is a little more opulent and unique is a theme to watch out for for the remainder of the year. It’s also a great way to tie together your wedding colour scheme and ensure every detail reflects your chosen colours.

Themed Stationery

This is a particularly fun stationery trend which we at Grittleton House couldn’t be more on board with. It’s more common than not that a wedding will have some sort of theme. Whether that’s a beach theme with different beaches for table names, something to do with music or perhaps something more personal like stand out years in your lives - there tends to be an idea which represents you as a couple as the foundation for wedding planning. Embracing this theme and utilising it within your wedding stationery is a huge trend for 2017. If you’re having a wedding abroad - why not design your save the date cards like boarding passes? If your wedding is beach themed, be sure to incorporate this into the design!

Stand Out Stationery

Stand out stationery is when your stationery has a touch of something stylish and fashion-forward. In fact, many 2017 stationery styles have borrowed themes from the world of fashion - and the results are quite simply fantastic. From clashing colours to bold prints, wild fonts and remarkable decorations, making sure your stationery has a jazzy edge that is both cool and contemporary. You can use fancy mounted paper or perhaps clash florals and stripes, regardless of which you choose - just be bold!

DIY Stationery

This latest trend might just be our favourite for 2017, because not only are the results incredible, but it incorporates an activity which you can enjoy as a couple in the run-up to the big day. DIY stationery is exactly as you would imagine - stationery which you make yourself. Not only does this add a remarkable personalised touch to your special day, but it also encourages couples to perhaps try their hand at calligraphy lessons or crafting, offering an enjoyable activity to eliminate the stress of wedding planning. It’s also a surefire way of ensuring your stationery is exactly how you pictured it to be.

Regardless of which style, theme or type of wedding stationery you choose, it will only heighten the experience of what will undoubtedly be the best day of your life - especially if the ceremony is hosted at Grittleton House! We hope you’ve enjoyed our exploration of the latest wedding stationery trends for the year 2017, the latest in our wedding trends series.

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