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August 16, 2018

Gone with the Wind Photo Shoot at Grittleton House

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Gone with the Wind: Neumann Graham Photographers hold iconic photoshoot at Grittleton House

One of Wiltshire’s most beautiful and historic homes, Grittleton House has a timeless and classic look which is what makes it one of the leading wedding venues in the Cotswolds.

Couples are enchanted by the Victorian manor house because of its splendour and unique architectural features, the classic environment can add to even the best of wedding photography.

As a prolific wedding photographer in the Cotswolds, Irene Neumann has long been fascinated by its beauty: “the setting has the perfect balance of drama and serenity. For anyone visually-minded, it’s a dream location.”

Irene first came up with the idea when working with model Jonathan Worrall, Irene was struck by his close resemblance to Rhett Butler from the 1936 novel (and 1939 film), Gone With The Wind. The photographer’s imagination was sparked: Having had the honour of photographing at Grittleton House several times, Irene knew this would be the perfect location for this iconic shoot.

The novel set in the 1860s, follows the epic tale of troubled heroine Scarlett O’Hara as she navigates a society where the rules have been completely rewritten. Passions flare up, die down and peter out against a backdrop of traditional colonial architecture and southern belle fashions.

Having been built in 1860, at the same time as the setting of the novel, Grittleton House was Neumann’s obvious choice. “It had everything I was looking for: sweeping double staircase; classical columns; grand ballrooms; and the kind of high drama that Scarlett O’Hara would have gone weak at the knees for,” she says.

Irene only envisioned one problem with the shoot: With a 6 foot 7 Rhett Butler, how would they find a suitably tall Scarlet O’Hara? Luckily, model Claudia Sampford not only has classical features but is also a beautiful 6 feet tall; making the couple picture-perfect.

The creative team collaboration was completed by hair stylist Hayley Derbyshire of Fore Hair, as well as makeup artist Tracey of Make-Up Monkey. Bath Theatrical Costume Hire in Frome provided sumptuous dresses and costumes for the shoot.

Irene continues: “Our next thought was about the film and iconic scenes. There’s a shot at the beginning of the film, during which Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler share their first flicker of chemistry. The scene takes place on a magnificent sweeping staircase – it’s central to the film, one of the first scenes we all think about, really – and Grittleton House has one just like it.”

“I know a lot of couples go for timeless glamour for their wedding shoots. If they’re after anything like the classic Gone with the Wind aesthetic, I always mention Grittleton House to them.” With arches, fireplaces and windows designed for gazing, all you need to do is adopt a southern drawl.


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