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December 4, 2019

Don't forget to look up

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As you arrive at the imposing wrought iron gates of Grittleton House and travel the tree lined drive, it’s a magnificent senses overload.  Entering through the impressive front door of this Victorian mansion you will find yourself in the grand entrance hall, where you are greeted with the most beautiful and ornate stone fire place and the smell of burning logs.  As you leave the entrance hall, you will move into the base of the tower, at this point we always say ‘DONT FORGET TO LOOK UP’.  We love watching the reaction on our guests’ faces as they gaze in wonder at the space above.  The ceiling reaches up high above and is magnificently decorated in golds and blues and bears the crest and initial of the Neeld family and of course Joseph Neeld who commissioned the build of Grittleton House as you see it today.  As your eyes adjust you then take in the two layers of balconies that wrap around the inside of the tower.  These areas were original designed to showcase the magnificent works of art and marble statues that the Neeld family had collected from far and wide.  Today they offer great vantage points for couples and photographers to gain the most amazing and special shots.

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As you move through the house – keep looking up!  The more you look the more you will see just how much attention to detail is given to the ceiling.  The patterns and colours are different from room to room.  Some offer simple elegance others are full blown WOW.  The drawing room situated on the first floor is particularly impressive.  This was the favoured room of Lady Edith Neeld, confined to a wheelchair in later life, it gave her the perfect vantage point of the front drive, so that she could witness first hand all of the daily comings and goings.  As the Drawing Room lead straight onto the first floor balconies and walkways, it also afforded her a magnificent view of the central internal areas of the House. 

Grittleton House is privately owned by the Shipp family and is available for all of your special occasions.  Please visit our website for more details or email us or

We will be hosting our next Wedding Open House on Sunday March 15th from 12 noon to 3pm.  We look forward to welcoming you to our home, and don't forget to look up!

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